IntroSpec System

IntroSpec is a set of tools that enable creators to better understand their clients and employees and then provide them with the optimum environments to maximize their potential. This project asks a lot of different questions, but the goal was always to challenge and change conventional architecture. To update it. To change the relationship between people and the spaces they inhabit.

  • Client: Self/School
  • Technology/Medium: Architecture, Psychology, Source 2.0 Game Engine
  • My Role:
    • Solo project using The RCA - Experimental Design thinking process.
    • Formulated and shaped a broad research topic into a vision for the future.
    • Utilized the Source 2.0 Video Game Engine to create psychological testing environments to gauge performance - video game environment design and logic.


IntroSpec Project

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IntroSpec Research Report

IntroSpec Report

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IntroSpec Automotive

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