Intel Labs: Distributed Urinalysis

An investigation into the future of health in urban environments and a projection of how technology might support this multi-faceted theme.

Using sensor networks, how could a city augment and integrate people generated data and communicate it to them to improve their health? How could a city support a person in an effort of being ‘healthy’?

My goal during this project was to encourage people to be more proactive with their health, and arm the population with greater knowledge about their own bodies.
Preventative care is one of the best ways to catch unnecessary conditions and illness before they develop into something serious. Most consumer diagnostic equipment is no more sophisticated than a thermometer. Yet one of the easiest ways to tell what is going on inside the body is to look at what comes out!

Using urinalysis at home, the workplace, or at public venues people can be made aware that their vitals are outside healthy norms. Even though they feel fine, high or low pH and glucose levels can indicate a problem.
Armed with new knowledge they can proactively schedule a visit with their general practitioner to perform a professional check-up.

Data-wise, the individual can leave their data anonymous or they can tie it to their various health profiles (iOS, Android, Epic, etc).
From a more wide-spread data analysis standpoint, medical practicioners and government officials would be able to visualise health across a city in new ways.

  • Client: Intel Labs
  • Technology/Medium: Proto-electronics & PH Sensors
  • My Role:
    • Innovation Consultant working independently answering to a review board.
    • Translate Intel’s desire to bring data collection to a new level through distributed sensors.
    • Identify key areas in the NHS (UK National Healthcare System) where more data was needed or more data would help.
    • Designed a concept system that would not only provide Intel the insights it wanted, but also provide an immediate benefit to the population as well as cost savings for the NHS -> Early warning systems for various illnesses.
    • Fully IoT (GSM based) distributed urinalysis - Self coded and wired.

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