HES cyberled - A Classic Reborn

The goal of this project was to rehash an old product that is a vital installation for our customers all over the world. Cyberlight LED brings the unique benefits of classic moving mirror technology into a modern design.

  • Client: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls
  • Technology/Medium: Rhino, Solidworks

One of the key benefits of a moving mirror light like Cyberlight LED is that the vast majority of the fixture can be hidden with sets or ride structures.

Around the world theme parks and long-run shows have hidden the original Cyberlight in their sets. But when Disney and others are looking to replace the original to modernize and improve the both the experience and the reliability of their rides, an update was needed.

The task was to fit a modern LED engine with more features and gizmos into the exact same size package or smaller. We wanted this fixture to be a drop-in replacement saving our customers time and effort making upgrading a no-brainer.

As a result, Disney are enjoying brighter colors, quieter faster movement, stronger mirrors, more power efficiency, and greater ergonomics and ease for maintenance.

As lead designer I oversaw design, contributed significantly to CAD work, and helped deal with cost/supply chain reductions.

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